Mission Statement

Corning United Soccer Club is committed to providing area youth with an opportunity to

  • participate in soccer in a positive and safe environment, to develop soccer technical skills and tactical understanding
  • build strength of character and team concepts
  • learn that success is not measured by wins or losses, but rather by an attitude that inspires our teams to unite and accomplish common goals.

2017 Objective

The objective of the Corning United Soccer Club is to allow young players to improve their soccer skills and team-play in a competitive league, and to have some fun doing it. The teams practice two or three times a week in the spring and play matches on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Most teams also participate in a tournament to increase the amount of playing time for the season and to measure their progress through the season against new teams. This club is a good way to get ready for the school team.

The Club has participated in the Broome County Soccer Association Spring travel league since the year 2000, and in the Expressway League since its inception in 2013. These are competitive leagues that have multiple divisions with different levels of play for each age group. That allows the Club to select the division that best matches the skill level for each individual team. The Club has also participated in the Tompkins County Fall League between 2006 and 2012, and in the Thruway League for premier players from 2008 to 2019.